MuReNN: Multi-Resolution Neural Networks

“Less is more”, once the foundational motto of minimalist art, is making its way into artificial intelligence. After a maximalist decade of larger computers training larger neural networks on larger datasets (2012-2022), a countertrend arises. What if human-level performance could be achieved with less computing, less memory, and less supervision? In deep learning, the research… Continue reading MuReNN: Multi-Resolution Neural Networks

Announcing Kymatio tutorial @ ISMIR

We will present a tutorial on Kymatio at the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) Conference, held in Milan on November 5-9, 2023. Kymatio: Deep Learning meets Wavelet Theory for Music Signal Processing Kymatio is a Python package for applications at the intersection of deep learning and wavelet scattering. Its v0.4 release provides an… Continue reading Announcing Kymatio tutorial @ ISMIR