Model-Based Deep Learning for Music Information Research

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Auteurs : Gael Richard, Vincent Lostanlen, Yi-Hsuan Yang, Meinard Müller.

Publié dans : IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

Date de publication : 2024

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In this article, we investigate the notion of model-based deep learning in the realm of music information research (MIR). Loosely speaking, we refer to the term model-based deep learning for approaches that combine traditional knowledge-based methods with data-driven techniques, especially those based on deep learning, within a diff erentiable computing framework. In music, prior knowledge for instance related to sound production, music perception or music composition theory can be incorporated into the design of neural networks and associated loss functions. We outline three specifi c scenarios to illustrate the application of model-based deep learning in MIR, demonstrating the implementation of such concepts and their potential.